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 The Rules Of Loaf

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PostSubject: The Rules Of Loaf   Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:10 pm

Loaf Forum's Revised Rules

Alright, I've posted these rules three times before and I must do it again.
If you have not read Welcome to Loaf Forums, please read it. Unless you are a returning member.
These are the new rules of Loaf Forums. There are some minor changes and some major changes.

Typing Incoherently
This is a written medium and people have to read what you write. Chat speak, l33t speak and anything that has to be “translated” falls into this area. You may have something incredible to say, but it won’t be read if you use “m8” and “pwn3d” as every other word in a post. The occasional typo or confusion regarding spelling is understood and expected, but at least take a moment to read over a message before you post it.

Excessive Use of Profanity
Most profanity is censored by our filter, though a few mild terms and words that have both a benign meaning and a profane or offensive one, are not. However, the excessive use of profanity, whether or not it is filtered, is not acceptable. Most words can be determined from context, and we wish to maintain a friendly and courteous environment on this forum.

Excessively Embellished Formatting
This refers to using different colors for different words, using formatting to appear smarter than someone or generally going overboard with formatting. It’s not using bold, underline, paragraphs and lists to make your post look nice and be easy to read.

Posting Oversized Images
Giant pictures that stretch the screen are a bane to people trying to read the boards. Please link to files larger than 400pixels wide, or 500kb, rather than coding them into the post. You may also post images that exceed the width limit under a Spoiler tag along with a note that it is a large image. Please note that images under spoilers still load every time someone views the thread, so large file sizes are still a concern.

Please refer to the Avatar and Signature rules below for more information on images in these areas.

One Topic, One Thread
There should be, in most cases, one active thread for a specific topic. Please check and see if there is already an active thread (one that has been posted on in the last six weeks and is no further back than page 3) discussing a topic before posting a new one.

Thread Necromancy
Bringing a thread back from “the dead.” If a thread has fallen to page three and hasn’t been posted in for a month and a half, don’t post to it. Start a new topic if you want to discuss the subject.

Discussing Post Counts

This also includes discussing user level or time being a member. Some people may think that a large post count is a status symbol, or grants them spooky powers. It doesn’t. We try to treat all posters as equal, the ones that just started posting and the ones that have been here since the dawn of time have equal importance.

Double Posting
Posting twice in a row is generally frowned upon. If you are responding to multiple points, please use quotes and other post formatting to clarify this. Please use the Edit option to modify information in a post instead of immediately making a new one. If you do accidentally double post, you can delete the extra post under the Edit option.

Spoilers Outside of a Spoiler Thread or Not Under Spoiler Tags
Some posters can’t see a movie the day it comes out, or read that book the day it comes out. So please either mask spoilers with the appropriate tags or post a thread with [spoiler] in the title if you wish to discuss something that people may or may not wish to view due to spoilers.

Avatar And Signature Rules
Avatars may only be 100 x 100 pixels or smaller. Anything larger than that is violating the rules and will be deleted. Also, signatures must not be 10 lines or longer.

Anyone that violates these rules will first get a warning. Afterwards, a second infraction will result in a temporary suspension, and a third infraction after that will result in a ban.

Only discuss the rules in this thread. Any other chatter will be deleted.

Please read the rules before you post.
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The Rules Of Loaf
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